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Pricing Guide for Individual Services
*Pricing subject to change without notice.  Pricing will go by what is stated on the invoice at time of service.

PC Repair

PC Repair

Is your desktop or laptop damaged, will it not power-on or boot correctly, is it getting a blue screen or other serious issue? We can fix those problems and more, usually within 24-48 hours.
Virus Removal


Is your system running slow, getting numerous pop-ups, not connecting to the internet, or not able to run applications? Sounds like a virus or malware.  Our technicians can get you back up and running in no time.

Printer Setup


Do you have a document on your computer that just won't print or maybe you got a new wireless printer and are clueless how to set it up. Give us a call and we can get that vital document printed in no time at all.

Internet Setup


Having trouble accessing the Internet? Need help securing your wireless from piggy-backing neighbors? Do you not know the difference between DSL and WPK2? We can help you get you networked in no time.
Data Recovery


Have a hard drive that gave up the ghost before you could back everything up to disk or the cloud? Our company can usually recover data from devices as long as the physical damage is minimal and can "spin".

System Wipe


Are you wanting to sell your PC on eBay or Craigslist? Want to make sure your data has been wiped and your privacy protected? We can do a high-level wipe on your hard drive and get it ready to sell.

Gaming Systems


Ever been in the middle of saving the world and your gaming system glitches? Our technicians can fix things from stuck trays to replacing hard drives in your systems. We do not "Hack" or "MOD" systems.

Mobile Repair


Have a smartphone with a cracked screen? Maybe you just lost all your photos from your SD card. Our technicians can help. Need to setup email and  import contacts from an old phone - we can do that too!



Do you have outdated or obsolete technology laying around your home? Since you cannot dump electronic waste at the landfill. Bring it to us to recycle and we will give you a discount on your next service.