When you request services from our company in the form of repairs or a technical project, one of our technicians will take down your specific request information and have you complete a Terms of Service (if you are a new client).  Then depending on the specifics of the request we will give you a verbal estimate, if not immediately within 24 hours. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours please call our office at 336-794-6631.  We will also process this request into writing and send it to the email address you have on file. The quote will include a MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE.  No work will be started until the minimum amount is paid.

Once services are completed you will receive an email and/or phone call with the final balance due and the date that your grace period ends from one of our technicians. Your minimum payment will be counted toward that final balance. Your system or final product will not be released until your remaining balance is PAID IN FULL. You will have a 2 week grace period from the date the service was completed to make arrangements for payment and pick-up/delivery.  If payment and pick-up/delivery arrangements are not made by the end of the grace period then a $15.00 per 7-day charge will be added to your account for every week until the date it is relinquished.

If your system is left in our shop for 60 days or more we reserve the right to consider it abandoned property and attempt to sell it to recover our service cost.  If a completed project goes unpaid for 60 days or more we reserve the right to start legal proceedings to obtain payment for services rendered on the project.

Have questions about invoices | payments?
Email:  or Call: (336) 794-6631


You may pay by CASHCREDIT CARD, or PAYPAL (below):
You can find your invoice number in the upper right corner of your invoice - it include letters and numbers.