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NOTE:  If your business needs after-hours support please talk to your technician prior to the contract, otherwise additional after hours charges will apply to any services performed after normal operating hours.  If you decide to do technical services on an as-needed basis instead of by contract, check out our Individual Services page for pricing.


*Pricing subject to change without notice.  Pricing will go by what is stated on the invoice at time of service.

On-Site Service

PC Repair

Does your business need onsite service of their computers, network servers, printers, etc? We can handle all your onsite technical needs at a price that won't break the bank.
Remote Support


Would it be helpful to have a technical-troubleshooter at their finger-tips? Our technicians can be available to handle issues during business hours, over the phone.



Are you anti-social? Do you need a media or web presence? With our Google-based packages we can have you up and running with website, email, and more in no time and at little cost.

Prof. Training


Staff need to learn the latest technology, a new software package, or just brush up on the basics? We can setup an online tutorial or on-site training to suit your business.
Coding Projects


Do you need a Google App Script written for your website, or some Visual Basic written into a Microsoft Office program. Give us a call and let us get you setup for success.

MS Office Projects


Do you need something as complex as an Inventory Management System or as simple as a Mileage Chart. Our MS Office Experts can get you what you want and need.